Push Notifications for Humans (not Developers)

Notiry is a new project designed to make their social media posts and website traffic more effective with spending more on Facebook and email marketing.

Push updates, offers and content to 100% of your subscribers without ever paying to boost a post or worry about getting filtered by Gmail.

Increase your traffic and engagement by automatically publishing notifications of your best social and website updates. Own a direct line to communicate with your followers.

Notiry is currently in active beta testing. It will be released to the public after our Facebook integration and app review is finalized. If you’d like to be added to our list of testers, please email us.


How does it work? How do people subscribe to get my updates?
You’ll get a custom subscription page (you.notiry.com). Share this URL in your marketing. Subscribers can easily opt-in and they’ll get your updates directly on their mobile or desktop device.

Can people subscribe directly from my website?
If you have a website, you have two great options:

  1. Link directly from the site to your Notiry subscription URL. You can customize this subscription page so it matches the look and branding of your website.
  2. You can also embed our auto subscription widget, which will prompt website visitors to subscribe to push notifications.

What information can I collect from subscribers?
Your subscription page is completely customizable. Change it’s look and feel as well as info you’re collecting, such as:

  • Permission to send Push Notifications
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Add your own Custom Fields to collect more info

Can I add the collected email addresses with my Mailchimp or Constant Contact account?
Yes, while we store all subscriber information, if you’re a Mailchimp or Constant Contact


Why Notiry vs Email?
We needed a more effective ways to reach our subscribers than email and Facebook/social marketing.

Email marketing works, just not very well. Even if you get past the spam folder and promotions tab, you’re likely to see average open rates of only 10-15%. More people move to texting and social networks and email engagement is not getting better.

Why Notiry vs just posting to Facebook?
What about Facebook or other social media channels? Did you develop a big audience of likes and followers? Organic reach, the percentage of your followers that actually see your posts continues to decline. Unless you pay to ‘boost’ a post, only reach 5% – 10% of your followers will ever see it. Facebook says to expect that to reach 0%, so if you’re not willing to pay, you don’t get to play.

We needed to own the relationship with our own followers. Each Notiry post or update appears as a notification directly on their mobile or desktop screen. No filters, no middle men.

Can I push my Facebook updates to my subscribers?
Yes. Open up the Content Sources tab and all your Facebook page’s posts appear. Click the Create Post link and a ready-to-go post is automatically created and ready to be sent to your audience.

Where do subscribers go when they click?
You can choose:

  • Update only, no click-through link
  • The post page hosted at Notiry
  • Any Custom URL
  • Landing Pages (yes we have those!)
  • Facebook URL (if it’s a Facebook Post)

Do I need a website to use Notiry?
No, Notiry includes all the elements you’ll need to handle subscriptions, view posts and even host landing pages for your Notiry campaigns. However, if you have a website and want to integrate Notiry, you can:

  • Add a link to your Notiry subscription page (i.e. in your navigation bar)
  • Add our embeddable script and automatically popup a push notification request box

Social Features
In addition to being able to take any of your Facebook posts and push that to your subscribers, you can also use Notiry to post directly to Facebook for you.

Why would I use Notiry to post to Facebook for me?
There are lots of social media management tools, but posting to Facebook from Notiry has a few big advantages:

  1. Any push post can be automatically turned into a Facebook post, saving you lots of time and energy.
  2. Posting to Facebook but hosting the content on Notiry allows you to do a couple really cool things:
    1. Tag your Notiry pages with Google Analytics or other third-party tracking tool and see how well your social markeitng is really performing
    2. Tag your Notiry posts with the Facebook tracking pixel or other retargeting pixels (including Google)
    3. See our next feature below!

Turn any post into a Highly Converting Landing Page
Every Notiry post is hosted on your customizable Notiry Hub. With just a few clicks, you can add a highly-converting landing page form to the bottom of your social posts and updates. Literally takes seconds.